The timelines for the three Earls of Lathom are shown as sub-menus of this page in the menu bar or you can link from this page. These timelines were developed on a spreadsheet workbook (Excel) that contains both this information and extracts from census  data that gives details of where members of the family were at the time of the census and of staff living on the estate.

The first timeline below gives some key dates in the history of the Bootle  Wilbraham family.

Click on the following for other timeline information: Timeline 2 (1st Earl) • Timeline 3 (2nd Earl) • Timeline 4 (3rd Earl ). Excel spreadsheet in xls format (This is a working document with information added on a regular basis).

Timeline 1

Date Event Detail
1066 Early reference to Blythe Hall – Uctred held a manor with a berewick that covered an area of 1/2 of town of Martin, The Manor, Alton or Halton
1189 Blythe Hall owned by Geoffrey Travers whose son became known as Henry de Blythe
1189 Robert de Lathom founded Burscough Priory
12th Century Manor of Wilbraham in Cambridgeshire – where the Wilburgham family lived
1385 marriage Isabel de Lathom to Sir John Stanley, steward of the household of Henry 4th
1399 – 1413 Reign of Henry 4th when the Lathom estate passed to the Stanley family
1488 Blythe estate passed into Blacklache or Blackledge family when Roger de Blythe’s only daughter married John Blacklache of Lathom
Before 1495 1st Lathom House built 1st Earl of Derby demolished Manor house and erected 1st Lathom House
1496 1st Lathom House enlarged and ‘beautified’ for the visit of Henry 7th
15th Century Wilbraham name change Wilburgham family – some moved to Cheshire name changed to Wibraham
1500 The Almonry or Chapel of Lathom founded by Thomas, 2nd Earl of Derby, called Hospital of St. John
1604 First refence to Blythe Hall
1642 – 1646 1st Lathom House was the home of the 7th Earl of Derby
1644 1st Siege of 1st Lathom House
July 1645 2nd siege of 1st Lathom House
2nd December 1645 civil war 1st Lathom House surrended to Parliamentarians
1698 Blythe Hall sold to William Hill of Burscough by Evan Blackledge
latter 17C Lathom estate handed back to the Stanley family (Earls of Derby)
1714 Lathom estate transferred by marriage to Lord Ashburnum who sold it to Henry Furnese
1724 Lathom estate became the property of Sir Thomas Bootle of Melling who completed the 2nd house built to the design of Giacomo Leoni
1724 – 1727 Thomas Bootle represented Liverpool as a Tory MP, knighted in 1746
1725 2nd Lathom House built Building started in this year and finished in 1730
1753 death Sir Thomas Bootle estate passed to his brother Robert
1755 marriage Richard Wilbraham married Mary Bootle through whom he secured Lathom House
1761 William Hill jun. conveyed Blythe estate to William Shaw and John Sephton, probably as trustees, but remained living there.
1771 birth Edward Bootle-Wilbraham son of Richard Wilbraham & Mary Bootle
1795 – 1828 Edward Bootle-Wilbraham MP for various constituences. During this time he obtained a Royal licence to take the added surname of Wilbraham. Following which he became Baron Skelmersdale
19 April 1796 marriage Edward Bootle-Wilbraham to Mary Elizabeth Taylor
1796 succession Edward Bootle-Wilbraham son of Ralph Wilbraham succeeded to estate and became MP for Westbury
1800 Thomas Langton purchased Blythe Hall but does not appear to have lived there
1823 Edward Clifton Esq. tenanted Blythe Hall.
1826 purchase Blythe Hall purchased by Edward Wilbraham from Thomas Langton for £8,424.16.51/2d
1828 title Richard Bootle-Wilbraham  made 1st Baron Skelmersdale by George 4th
1837 birth Edward Bootle-Wilbraham 2nd Baron Skelmersdale only son of Richard Bootle-Wilbraham (2nd) born at Blythe Hall – brought up by grandfather Richard Bootle-Wilbraham
1844 death Richard Bootle-Wilbraham (2nd) eldest son of the above (Richard Bootle-Wilbraham) who had been MP for South Lancashire
1853 death Richard Bootle-Wilbraham – succession by Edward Bootle-Wilbraham to 2nd Baron Skelmersdale
16 Aug 1860 marriage Edward Bootle-Wilbraham to Lady Alice Villiers 2nd daughter of 4th Earl of Clarendon
1880 title Edward Bootle-Wilbraham became 1st Earl of Lathom by Queen Victoria resurrecting the title that had become extinct in 15th century on recommendation of Earl of Beaconsfield Tory Chief Whip
July 1892 death Mrs. Jessie Bootle-Wilbraham mother of Edward Bootle-Wilbraham 1st Earl of Lathom whilst living at Blythe Hall leaving Lady Rosemary living there
23 Nov 1897 death Lady Alice Bootle-Wilbraham – coaching accident
19 Nov 1898 death Edward Bootle-Wilbraham succeeded by Edward George Bootle-Wilbraham 2nd Earl of Lathom
marriage Edward George Bootle-Wilbraham 2nd Earl of Lathom to Wilma Pleydell-Bouverie (1869-1931)  daughter of William, 5th Earl of Radnor
1864 birth Edward George Bootle-Wilbraham 2nd Earl of Lathom
1885 – 1886 Edward Bootle-Wilbraham, 1st Earl of Lathom became Lord Chamberlain
1886 – 1892 Edward Bootle-Wilbraham 1st Earl of Lathon returns to office of Lord Chamberlain
16th May 1895 birth Edward William Bootle-Wilbraham 3rd Earl of Lathom, 4th Baron Skelmersdale
Dec 1909 Edward George Bootle-Wilbraham accidently shot near Spa Farm suffering damage to his right eye
15th March 1910 death Edward George Bootle-Wilbraham on return to Liverpool from Egypt on the Cunard liner Carona aged 45
15th March 1910 succession Edward George Bootle-Wilbraham 2nd Earl of Lathom, succeeded by Edward William Bootle-Wilbraham 3rd Earl of Lathom
Nov 1912 marriage Countess Lathom, Wilma Bootle-Wilbraham toMajor-General Henry Merrick Lawson C.B.
1914 The 3rd Earl of Lathom offered, through his trustees, Lathom Hall to be converted to a remount depot
16/05/1916 Edward William Bootle-Wilbraham 3rd Earl of Lathom spent his 21st birthday in the trenches of France
May 1918 death Lady Rosemary Bootle-Wilbraham at Blythe Hall aged 76
 Dec 1918 Edward William Bootle-Wilbraham starts alterations of Blythe Hall
May 1919 sale Edward William Bootle-Wilbraham sells 60 farms – 4,000 acres all completed by August 1919
Nov 1920 Waring & Gillow auctioned effects from Lathom House 2 Chippendale chars £38, 2 Persian carpets £76
1920 Edward William Bootle-Wilbraham returns from India and moves to Blythe Hall – renovation
1921 renovation Blythe Hall extensively renovated, enlarged and modernised
1923 sale Lathom Estate  sold by private treaty to Mr. A.E.Debenham foir a sum estimated at £200,000.
1924 sale The Lathom Estate and buldings sold by auction the greater part sold to Mr. Debenham a banker
1925 Lathom papers and documents on the local area accidently fed to Blaguegate Colliery furnaces and destroyed
2nd June 1927 marriage Edward William Bootle-Wilbraham to Mrs. Xenia Morison
1930 death Edward william Bootle-Wilbraham 3rd Earl of Lathom
1930 sale Blythe Hall sold to Mr. Taylor a cotton merchant
27 Feb 1933 opening Blythe Hall opened as a college for boys wishing to be Passionist priests
1939 – 45 The outhouses of Blythe Hall used to house homeless families
1973 sale Blythe Hall sold to Mr. David Whelan supermarket owner and former footballer for £80,000
Oct 1980 sale Blythe Hall sold to hoteliers John and Diana Craig